Our home renovation rejuvenation

What comes to mind when you hear the word renovation? Does your spirit perk-up at the thought of beautiful new floors, knocking down a wall to open up a room, or putting the finishing touches on your DIY project with the perfect paint color?

For months, I have been hearing these words from my husband through the telephone, at the end of his work day.

I’m on my way home, but I need to run into Lowe’s to pick up a few things.

renovation confession

When my husband began ripping up flooring, and tearing down the walls in our upstairs several months ago, I tried to close my eyes, and hoped they could remain sealed tight until it was all over. I desperately wanted to snap my fingers, click my heels, or perhaps wink my nose and find magically before me a fresh, new, renovated upstairs. What I did not want, was to endure several months of pounding, sawing, stress, and an overworked husband. I just did not want to go through it, even though I knew well that renovating our upstairs was nothing less than an absolute necessity.

Lowe's DIY Renovation

We bought, and reside in the home that I grew up in, and the upstairs was really in need of some repair. This isn’t a project that was started simply because we wanted a new aesthetic in our upstairs, or even more space. It was started to make this area safe, livable, and functional for our family, particularly our little boy. Right now, Evan doesn’t have a room of his own. So far, this hasn’t been an issue (we wanted his crib in our room), but with the looming inevitability of a big boy bed, and a sky-high mountain of toys, this renovation just can’t be completed soon enough.

Thankfully, husband is not like me. He does not bury his head in the sand, or wait and wish for things to change on their own. He is motivated, focused, and capable—I love these qualities in him, even if I am not always so brave in the beginning.

We had no budget for this giant undertaking, and have literally worked on renovating an entire floor of our home paycheck-to-paycheck. Again, that old familiar phone call.

I’m on my way home, but I need to run into Lowe’s to pick up a few things.

Sometimes those faithful trips to my husband’s favorite home improvement store resulted in the purchase of literally one or two pieces of lumber at a time, but, we were always moving toward the goal.

Finally on board

I wish that I would have been more of a cheerleader for my husband in the beginning, but I am working on making up for that now. I can finally see with my eyes, what he has been seeing in his mind for the past few months. I can see a skeleton. I can see a new vaulted ceiling, instead of a sagging, water-damaged drop ceiling, new walls that are straight and tall, and a new floor that is level, and does not creak with each step. I can see it!

This has been such a long process, and while my husband, bless his heart, is the one suffering from exhaustion and busted hands due to the extra work, our entire family has been anxiously waiting this upstairs project to come to a close. It is amazing how renovating the home can affect the heart of an entire family. I am seeing now, that my husband’s motivation, in spite of my trepidation, is going to provide our family with such an incredible gift. Safe, sound, gorgeous living space, and most importantly, a proper bedroom for our kiddo. I truly can’t wait.

Let’s build something together

All of those phone calls to let me know about a trip to Lowe’s after work? They still come several times a week, however, we have been absolutely thrilled with a new opportunity to partner with Lowe’s, and Johns Manville, for the coming insulation phase of our project. I am so excited when I think about reaching the insulation stage of our renovation, and Johns Manville Insulation is the only complete line of certified formaldehyde free insulation, meaning a healthier and safer indoor environment for our whole family, not to mention, peace of mind. I can’t wait to share more photos and information about this part of the project, stay tuned!

So, this has been an issue that is huge in my life, but one that I haven’t really blogged about until now. I’ll be posting our progress over the coming weeks, and hope that you will share some of your personal home renovation stories with me.

Disclosure: Lowe’s and Johns Manville provided the insulation for our home renovation project. Thoughts and opinions are my own. I really can’t thank Lowe’s and Johns Manville Insulation enough, and feel strongly compelled to place the word hugs between two asterisks.


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