Making a good day better

I’ll admit that I’m not exactly a morning person.

That said, I do everything I can to make each day great, and sometimes the best way to make a good day even better is to get off on the right foot from the start — first thing in the morning!

Making A Good Day Better

To get my day started right, I like to jump out of bed and get my blood pumping with a quick workout or jog. Even though the idea of jogging first thing in the morning might not seem like the best idea when you crawl out of bed, it’s a fantastic way to energize your body and your spirit for the day ahead.

Of course, after the jog, I like to take a refreshing shower. This really helps me wake up, and it also relaxes me and gives me a moment to reflect before starting my day.

Breakfast is also an important part of my morning routine. I don’t like to eat a large breakfast, but I do try to get a little protein into my morning meal to fuel my body for the entire day. I usually have two scrambled eggs, a piece of whole wheat toast, and some fruit for breakfast.

I don’t always have time for breakfast, but I can see a definite improvement in my day when I make the time to whip up something quick while I’m cooking for the kids in the morning.

Finally, my favorite way to ensure I have a fantastic day is to have a cup of my favorite coffee. If you’re a Keurig fan like me, you probably enjoy several different kinds of K-Cup packs, but you also probably have that one real favorite brand. For me, it’s Green Mountain Coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee is exceptionally smooth and perfectly balanced for a harmonious blend of flavor, body and aroma. It’s really amazing how a simple cup of coffee can make even a good day better. Green Mountain Coffee compliments my morning routine perfectly!


I’m actually wrapping up my morning routine as I write this post. Green Mountain Coffee is also a big part of my blogging routine, and I love enjoying a cup while I work!

So, those are my tips for making a good day even better. Do you find that your morning routine affects how you feel throughout the day? I’d love to hear how you start your day off right!

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