Making Time For What Matters

One of the things that I love about the private Christian school that my children attend is that I often find myself learning quite a bit when I pop in for a visit.

For instance, last week I joined the kids for their weekly chapel and I heard a message that really touched my heart.


One of the teachers did a demonstration using an empty glass measuring cup to represent our life. She also had a bag of stones, which represented the important things in our life (God, family, self-care) and then a bag of sand which represented some good things that we have in our life, but things that aren’t the most important, including using the computer, watching television, having our nails done, etc.

She then showed us two ways to fill the cup.

First, she put in the important pieces of our life—the stones. When she put first things first, she was still able to add the bag of sand into the cup and EVERYTHING fit!

Contrastingly, when the glass was first filled with the things that are not so important (illustrated by the bag of sand), suddenly there was no room for the stones. No room left for God, family, and the important aspects of a rich and fulfilling life.

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It was such a simple demonstration that was geared toward elementary school students, but I walked out of the chapel service feeling very much impacted by this idea of putting what is most important, first.

I am a procrastinator by nature, so this is something that I am going to be working on daily. Instead of putting insignificant tasks first in my day, I am going to begin starting my day with a devotional to center myself and anchor my day in Christ.

I’m also a huge fan of finding ways to save time on everyday tasks, and I’m loving Evangelical Christian Credit Union’s new mobile banking app.

Banking Made Easy

Accomplishing your banking needs just got easier with ECCU’s new mobile banking app. Now,you can deposit a check, pay a person or a bill and find an ATM in just seconds. This way, you can spend less time banking and more time on what matters.

As a business owner, I find myself making trips to the bank far too often. Being able to deposit my checks right on my smartphone alone saves me so much time each and every week. It’s still amazing to me that we can do so much from the comfort of our own homes. The less time I have to waste throughout my day, the more time I can focus on making time for the important things in my life.

Just like the chapel lesson that I received last week with my kids, I know that when I make time for God and family that the rest of it will fall into place.


About ECCU

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How do you make time for what is most important in your life?


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