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Meaningful Beauty review

If you’ve been looking for an honest Meaningful Beauty review, you’ve found the right blog post. I am sure you’ve seen the Meaningful Beauty Infomercials, right?

Meaningful Beauty Review

The Meaningful Beauty ad spots feature a gorgeous, incredibly youthful looking Cindy Crawford. Well, Cindy Crawford is Cindy Crawford, but does Meaningful Beauty really deliver on its promises? Keep reading and delve into my Meaningful Beauty review. You might be surprised when you hear my thoughts.

Meaningful Beauty Review

Earlier this month, I had my chance to conduct a Meaningful Beauty review, and I can’t wait to share my results with you!

What my Meaningful Beauty kit included

  • Skin Softening Cleanser
  • Antioxidant Day Crème
  • Anti-Aging Night Crème
  • Lifting Eye Crème
  • Firming Chest & Neck Crème
  • Glowing Serum
  • Glycolic Treatment Pads

The secret behind Meaningful Beauty® lies in a remote region in the south of France, where scientists have cultivated a rare melon containing a powerful super-antioxidant called superoxide dismutase (SOD). (from

My skin story

I have pretty normal skin. A little dryness here, a little oil there, but overall, my main issue is the desire to brighten and firm my skin. Due to stress, my skin has been looking very dull, and I’d love to change that!

I am seeing some little signs of wrinkles and age creep onto my face, and I really want to do my best to maintenance those changes to the best of my ability going forward.

My initial findings

Well, I don’t anticipate that I’ll wake up one day as beautiful as Cindy Crawford, but there is one feature to the Meaningful Beauty skin care line that I absolutely adore. It makes my skin feel good.

The first time I used the softening cleanser, I could feel immediately that it really was creating a change on my skin. The cleanser has a mild scent, silky texture, and will really leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

I also adore the cream moisturizers, all of which seem to have an ingredient that leaves a glow on the skin.

A meaningful person in my life

I was so happy to find out that I would not only be receiving a 5-step Meaningful Beauty system for myself, but I was also given one to give away! I gave the second kit to my mom, and after a few days she called me to say that she was really enjoying the product so far. We usually love the same products, so I am not surprised!

This is only the first installment of my Meaningful Beauty review, and I will be updating you on my thoughts in a few weeks.

What does your skin care routine entail? Do you think you might like Meaningful Beauty?

I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf Meaningful Beauty, and received a 5-step treatment kit to facilitate my review, a second 5-step treatment kit to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Jaymee — February 22, 2012 @ 2:26 pm (#)

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try this line!!! So excited you are trying it…. please let us know how it goes!!


  2. Sandra Keith — February 22, 2012 @ 5:13 pm (#)

    I have used Meaningful Beauty for nearly two years. I am almost 72 years old. My skin has loved this cosmetic line and looks better than it has in years. After my hubby passed away due to advanced Parkinson’s disease, I woke up one day and noticed how the strain of loss and caring for him for such a long time had taken on my skin–particularly on my face. I was dried up, sallow, looked anemic, etc. I noticed a definate differance after about two weeks. With continued use, my skin flourishes. I did call Meaningful Beauty and tell them they were missing out on a whole marketing generation by not advertising to the senior generation. As for their info-mercials, it still looks like the seniors are a forgotten class. Too bad. This brand did wonders for my own skin.


  3. Patti Murphy — February 25, 2013 @ 10:09 am (#)

    Hi! Any updates? I’m curious to know how the products are working for you! Thanks!


  4. JJ — March 1, 2013 @ 2:40 am (#)

    Just started using Meaningful Beauty. From the first use if the cleanser to the applicaton of the night cream serum, this entire line of beauty products really do instantly change the way your skin feels. I look forward to continuing using this product and see the results it gives me.


  5. Ruth Denning — March 6, 2013 @ 5:26 pm (#)

    I have been using Meaningful Beauty since may of 2012. I am 59 years old and I absolutely love these products. I have extremely dry fair skin and Cindy’s products have brought my skin from dull, large pored skin to soft, vibrant, glowing supple skin. The only problem I have experienced with this company is not receiving my orders on time. Right now, I have been waiting for a shipment since January 28 th! But I will wait because the products are that good.


  6. Janet Bokowski — March 7, 2013 @ 2:21 pm (#)

    I ordered the 5 product special and specifically asked if these products have fragrance before completing payment and was told no they do not. I called customer service to find out what the 2 free products were since the order person forgot and asked cs lady if they are in deed fragrance free. She was not sure, and I said if so I need to cancel my order. I receive an email today and thought I could cancel my order by calling customer service but was still to early in the process. I also asked her if the products are fragrance free. She felt yes but I could go online to see ingredients and I did. Only 1 of their 7 products is fragrance free (cleanser) & 6 have paraben (long term). So I am disappointed and will not be able to use due to fragrance which is short term issue (triggers asthma symptoms).


  7. Janet Bokowski — March 7, 2013 @ 2:28 pm (#)

    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their report “Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: Agents of Subtle Change?” reported that the chemical preservatives called parabens—methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl (alkyl-p-hydroxybenzoates)—displayed estrogenic activity in several tests. This means that these chemicals mimic your body´s own hormones and can have endocrine-disrupting action when they are rubbed into your body or washed down the drain into your drinking water.
    Dr. Elizabeth Smith has written that “It is a known medical fact that estrogen stimulates breast cancer” and that “anything absorbed through the skin may be as high as 10 times the concentration of an oral dose.” (Think about how nicotine and birth control/hormone patches work—the chemicals are absorbed through the skin!) She also reported that, in one study, a paraben was injected under the skin and was found to have an “estrogenic response on uterine tissues.” Scientists observing these harmful effects on the uterus remarked that “it is suggested that the safety in use of these chemicals should be reassessed.”


  8. Janet Bokowski — March 7, 2013 @ 2:41 pm (#)

    The products also have propylene glycol & it various forms. It is is a chemical found in personal care products that acts as a penetration enhancer that keeps products from melting in heat and/or freezing when it is cold. But why should you avoid propylene glycol? For starters it alters the structure of the skin by allowing chemicals to penetrate deep beneath it while increasing their ability to reach the blood stream. Sounds lovely, right? So even if propylene glycol was good for you, it’s main job is to help any other chemicals you come in contact with reach your bloodstream. How Toxic is Propylene GlycolAccording to the Environmental Working Group, propylene glycol can cause a whole host of problems. It is rated a 4 by them, which is categorized as a “moderate” health issue. It has been shown to be linked to cancer, evelopmental/reproductive issues, allergies/immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and endocrine disruption. It has been found to provoke skin irritation and sensitization in humans as low as 2% concentration, while the industry review panel recommends cosmetics can contain up to 50% of the substance. After reading that info, no wonder women have so much cancer, especially breast cancer.


  9. Trinity — March 13, 2013 @ 10:46 am (#)

    They automatically sign you up for refills and charge you for it. I called 4 times to cancel and still they sent me stuff. Then I got two shipments AFTER they said I was cancelled. I mailed them back as they said to do. I had the post office tape them together good. They refunded me for one (minus shipping you have to submit that and wait a month for it to get to you) but somehow they are saying they never received the other package. THEY WERE TAPED TOGETHER. The whole process of arguing with them and how long it took to cancel put me past my 60 days where they will refund and what not. Now they’re saying there’s nothing they can do. I have never experienced worst customer service in my life. The product is not near good enough to deal with that crap.


    • Ann — March 16th, 2013 @ 10:20 pm

      Ugh. I wish I had seen your post before I ordered. Who knows how long it will take to cancel this subscription. I may be better canceling my credit card

      • heather — March 29th, 2013 @ 12:05 pm

        yes. you should cancel your card any time a company attaches themselves to it. i have had to do it myself when i realized a company was changing their name almost every time i was billed AFTER i had cancelled.

  10. Ann — March 16, 2013 @ 10:15 pm (#)

    Unimpressed with the business component of this organization. I ordered the product weeks ago and still don’t have it. Yes, it is in transit and there are many of promises that it will be here soon. I can’t comment on the products because they have never shown up.


  11. Cleta — March 19, 2013 @ 10:15 am (#)

    I saw the infomercial on this product and did something I do not ever do! I called them and placed an order for a 30 day supply (about $50). The lady on the other end of the phone kept pushing me to order the 90 day which comes with extras (and more $$)! If you don’t like it, you have 60 days to return it! Do you see a problem already with this? On top of that, you have to wait 72 hours to contact them so they ‘can see the order’! Problem is, it is already on the truck by then! When I finally got my email confirmation, it was for $152.00! I finally got a manager on the phone on day 4 and told her to cancel the order, which, of course, was already on its way! Please know what you are getting into before calling! Can’t say anything about the product but the service SUCKS!


    • Shantel — March 27th, 2013 @ 3:32 am

      After ordering from the infomercial it took 4 weeks for the products to arrive and I was charged another 39.95. By last week they charged 39.95again. I called customer service and representative John was very rude and uprofessional. I was told that the 90 day supply was not 39.95 but instead 120.00! And I should have read my invoice! Horrible customer service and cancelled my membership..,,,nor worth it.

  12. Phyllis ohkittikoon — March 29, 2013 @ 5:43 pm (#)

    When I order my $39.00 kit it was $45.00 I was assure it was 30 days supply,then I receive statement for two more payment of $45.00,when i call back I was told I receive 90 days supply,those small supply , I ASSUME THIS WAS THE 30DAY ,the product is very good ,if the person in customer service had been honest I would continue the products , now will go to into the department store for there product. I’M not sure if they get bonus for for sale ,they still need to be honest.


  13. Eva Chaney — April 16, 2013 @ 7:22 am (#)

    I am considering purchasing Meaningful Beauty for myself but I’m hesitant … (1) I have read that their customer service is a nightmare and(2) frankly I cannot afford to make any mistakes. Meaningful Beauty is not inexpensive. Can you offer any further review beyond this initial one? Would you say it’s well worth the expense? Full honesty appreciated :) Love your blog! -Eva


  14. SWilliams — May 1, 2013 @ 11:54 am (#)

    Meaningful Beauty is a scam. They auto ship product the same day you call to extend a suspension. That’s called a sham.
    I called weeks before my subscription suspension was due, and they auto shipped on that SAME DAY! Weeks early.
    If the product worked, they wouldn’t have to auto ship it.
    Cindy should be ashamed of trafficking in her popularity and good genetics. Shame on her.
    This company should be investigated.


  15. Li McCann — June 6, 2013 @ 1:23 pm (#)

    Not worth the time or aggravation – horrible product, even worse customer service. If you do not like it, be prepared to kiss your time and at least $200 good bye – they’re “money back guarantee” is false.


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