Medifast weight loss results week 4

When I started the Medifast weight loss plan 4 weeks ago, I faced a conundrum. I knew that the holidays were right around the corner, and I knew that I didn’t want to totally miss out on the holiday eating.

I chose to go ahead and start the plan, and over Christmas, I made the choice to do some indulging. I had hoped to only go one day off plan, but instead, I pretty much ate as I pleased for three days. This morning, I stepped on the scale to face the consequences of my choice.


To find out how much I lost with Medifast this week, click the image above, or click here.

So, over the holidays, did I lose weight or gain weight?

I gained 0.8 lbs.

Not too bad, I guess.

Medifast weight loss stats:

Start weight: 180 lbs. on 11/30/2012
Lost week 1: 8.8 lbs.
Lost week 2: 1.8 lbs.
Lost week 3: 3.6 lbs.
Gained week 4: 0.8 lbs.
Total lost so far: 13.4 lbs.

Current weight: 166.6 lbs.

What I learned about going off plan

For me, this is risky business. I realize now that I should have been stricter with myself about when I would go off plan, and how long I would stay off plan. I wanted to indulge in one day of holiday eating, but one day faded into three, and I have to admit it was really HARD to get back on track. I am on track now, and getting into the swing of the 5 and 1 plan again.

Medifast Weight Loss Week 4 Thoughts

While I’m disappointed that I gained this week, it isn’t devastating disappointment. I mean, it only makes sense that I gained, and I feel lucky that it wasn’t a significant gain.

I am still failing miserably to drink ample water, and I know that this is a major part of whether I’ll lose half a pound or two pounds. Must. drink. more. water.

I’m also happy that I got a new shipment of Medifast meals this week, it really helps to have some of my favorite Medifast meals back in stock.

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