5 Mom Hacks for Surviving Cold & Flu Season


  1. Tantrum-Free Temperature Checking

    What’s worse than having to watch your little one suffer through a cold or the flu? Having to take their temperature using one of those old-school thermometers. Asking a kid to hold still while holding something under their tongue would be difficult on a day when they were feeling well. Throw in discomfort and it’s likely to lead to a meltdown.

    That’s why I’m loving these two innovative digital thermometers from Braun.

    The Braun ThermoScan® 5 Ear Thermometer is a bestselling thermometer and uses the ear canal to measure a fever because of its close proximity to the eardrum, which shares the blood supply of the brain’s temperature control center. My kids give me no issues when using this thermometer and I’ve found it to be extremely accurate, which is so important when you’re dealing with sick kiddos. At $49.00 this is a product that I can’t recommend highly enough.

    If you think that checking your child’s temperature in his or her ear might still spark a raging fit (I’ve been there), then the Braun No touch + forehead Thermometer might be the one for your family!


    It offers Braun’s fastest, most comfortable clinically accurate temperature reading. Innovative Braun technology captures twice as much body heat compared to traditional forehead products.

    Whether you gently touch your child’s forehead or hold it up to two inches away, this thermometer still gets the job done and that’s just amazing in my book. Also notable, this product just received The Bump’s coveted Best of Baby 2016 award!

  2. Make Fluids Fun

    Getting young children to drink plenty of fluids when they’re not feeling well can be tough. Try putting juice or water in a fun cup or add a crazy straw to make them more eager to drink-up.

    Warm (but not hot) liquids are also great to soothe sore throats and to break up mucous, so making some chicken soup is still one of my tried-and-true mom hacks to help make my kids feel better faster.

  3. Keep it Comfy

    It’s all about staying comfortable when you have a sick kiddo. Try making a special bed on the sofa complete with lots of pillows, blankets and your child’s favorite stuffed animals.

    I also love giving warm baths and putting my kids in soft, freshly-laundered pajamas afterward. Every little bit of comfort helps!

  4. Moisturize

    Keeping those delicate nasal passages moist when kids are copping with stuffy noses is so important. Be sure to use a cool mist humidifier which can make breathing easier. We end up using ours every winter when cold and flu season hits and it really seems to help.

    You’ll also want to keep the skin around your kids’ noses moisturized if they’re having to blow their noses frequently. A small dab of petroleum jelly rubbed into the skin around and under the nostrils can help protect it from becoming red and sore. Using premium tissues with lotion also seems to help.

  5. Lots of Love

    Let’s face it, no one likes to be sick, and it can be especially tough for young children. Show your little guy or girl how much you love them by sharing plenty of hugs and cuddles. It’s also good to tell children about times when you’ve been sick, how it made you feel, and how quickly you recovered.

Enter to Win

Leave a comment below telling me your best tip for soothing a loved one suffering with cold or flu for a chance to win both thermometers, plus a $50 Amazon gift card! USA only, ends Feb. 1st, 2017. Good luck!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Braun. The opinions and text are all mine.


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