Mom put your records on

I was going to start this post by asking you to imagine your hands in warm, soapy dishwater. Then, I realized that I may in fact be the only woman on earth who still actually does 100% of her dishes in the sink, you know, by hand. I digress a moment to lament that fact, however, dishwater isn’t really a necessity in this story. What is? Twenty minutes of semi-private time, an iPod, and some earbuds.

Making Time for Mom

Need a break? Create some momentary zen.

I read a lot of articles chock full of advice on how I can create time for myself. Well, I’ll be honest with you. The only free time I get comes when I am in the shower, or after everyone has gone to bed, and I’m too busy working online to actually relax and unwind.

What I have found, is that I can actually create some quality time thanks to a pair of earbuds and some great music while I am doing my regular daily chores. For me, it’s when I’m doing the dishes, folding laundry, or tidying-up. Granted, it has to be during times when Evan is being entertained by Daddy, but I have found a lot of value in this.

Why with the music? Why not just enjoy the silence?

Silence is good, but when was the last time you turned up some amazing, moving, beautiful music and just fell into it? You know, the kind of music that made your heart feel like it was going to burst from your chest, before just looking at your children gave you that feeling? You know what kind of music I’m talking about, and if you’re like me, you may have stopped really communing with your favorite music somewhere along the line.

This also makes me realize how much I have missed reading, but it’s a little harder to score 20 minutes in a locked, quiet room to read.

So, in the evenings when the boys are in the living room roughhousing, I am doing dishes, and listening to some of my favorite music. This fleeting escape is really good for my soul, and I think even if you can’t really get away for a break, that just tuning into something that moves you is an amazing way to revitalize and maybe even find some inspiration.

Do you have any tricks for scoring a moment of free time?


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