Mother and son dance

As a wedding photographer, I am invited to share some extraordinarily emotional and intimate moments with my clients. I mean, I’m with the bride and groom through their entire wedding day, from that jittery getting-ready phase, to the exchanging of vows, and finally, the celebratory finish. Do you want to know which event on the couple’s wedding day will put me into near-tears, without question, invariably, EVERY SINGLE TIME? You guessed it–or at least read the title of this post–the mother and son dance.

During the first wedding I photographed after having Evan, this came as a total shock to me. I didn’t anticipate experiencing such an intense rush of emotions, but when the lights go down and I see a mother, any mother, dancing with her newly-married son my heart just aches. I watch the mom smiling at her boy through the lens of my camera, and my head is filled with a flurry of images of my own kid. Someday my sweet, innocent, beautiful little boy will grow up and (hopefully) get married.

After that first wedding where I nearly cried my eyes out while trying to photograph the mother and son dance, I have tried to prepare myself beforehand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter how much I try to block it out, I am pretty much victim to a painful lump in my throat through the entire song.

It really seems like most of the spotlight at weddings is put on the first dance, which is understandable, and the father and daughter dance. Not that the mother and son dance isn’t appreciated, but taking third place in the lineup means that many of the guests may have become bored with the sentimental slow songs, and their attention has wandered.

Well, I am paying attention, and I am sure that I am not the only mom of a boy in the room feeling the urge to cry a little. The relationship between mother and son is unique and special, and I am so blessed to know that every single day of my life.


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