My baby is 9-months old today

Month, after month, I write these birthday posts filled in part with anguish that my little baby isn’t so little anymore, and also with happiness and pride in his growth and accomplishments. It is so bittersweet to watch your baby growing up right before your eyes. I am actually starting to slip into panic-mode when I think about the fact that he’ll be a year old in just three short months. How is it even possible that this first year of his life has slipped by so quickly? No matter how frantically I search for the PAUSE button on life, I can’t seem to find it.

So, here we are at 9-months, and my little man still doesn’t have any teeth! It seems like most babies his age that I know have already started cutting teeth. None for us, yet! Evan still doesn’t have much hair, either, but what he does have is stylin’! Without boring you with a list of milestones that are probably best left to his baby book, I’ll say that my little guy is really maturing. There is a knowingness behind his eyes now, which can sometimes be interpreted as orneriness!

One of Evan’s favorite things to do these days is take trips in his stroller (usually with his Papaw.) It’s funny, because Evan doesn’t say much when he’s in the stroller. As my dad says, he’s “all business” when he’s being pushed in the stroller. It’s like he is just completely enraptured with every sight, sound, and bump-in-the-road. He just sits back quietly and takes it all in, and it’s so adorable.

Speaking of Evan turning 1, I have a lot of planning to do for his birthday party. I’m still not sure what theme we’re going with, and since I’m taking on the task of doing his cake/cupcakes myself, I need to schedule at least one trial run before the big day.

So, firetrucks, tractors, spaceships? I need a good theme for his party!


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