My baby is waving bye-bye

For about a week or so, I’ve really been pushing the: “Let’s wave bye-bye!” thing with little E. He has shown a lot of interest in the ritual, and likes looking at people waving. Of course, he likes looking at people clapping and making other random hand gestures too!

Tonight, however, while I was encouraging him to move his little hand and say “bye-bye”, I saw those chubby fingers come together, and purposefully flap several times. I was so excited, that I waved back and asked him if he could say “bye-bye”, and low and behold, he waved again and said it! The first time it sounded like “ba-ba” and the “pap-pap” but it was so crystal clear that he was consciously imitating me and making this effort to communicate. He even studied the movement of his own hand and fingers; it was just so incredibly adorable.

While it is hard to watch your baby grow up, it’s also exciting to know that there is this whole new world of communication on the horizon, and that first “ma-ma” and “bye-bye” is only the beginning!


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