My baby’s first tooth

My baby as a tooth! (feel like shouting it!) Since I’m absolutely horrible when it comes to logging Evan’s milestones in his baby book in a timely manner, I figured I should at the very least do a post about this momentous event in my son’s life. If there was ever a time when a photograph to illustrate a post would be fitting, it’s now, but sadly I was lucky to even catch a fleeting glimpse of said chomper, since coming anywhere near his mouth results in a fit of rage. Come to think of it, lots of things send him into fits lately, and I guess that’s another indication that TODDLERHOOD is on the horizon.

Evan is 9-months-old (he’ll be 10-months on June 3rd) and I was beginning to think he was the only baby on the block that wasn’t yet cutting teeth. The funny thing is, you could see a full set of lower teeth just under his gums, and I figured it was only matter of time. Yesterday, my suspicion was confirmed when I was able to pull his lower lip down just enough to see and feel one sharp little pearly white poking up through his inflamed gums. Poor little guy, I’m sure there is some pain involved.

As with each milestone that he hits, I’m a sentimental mess. I am as proud of that little tooth as a mother could be of any accomplishment that her child may have in life. Just imagine how psyched I’m going to be when he brings home his first drawing from pre-school, or learns to ride a bike. I’m sure my heart will explode into a million little sappy pieces, and that’s OK, because while it’s bittersweet to him maturing in every way, it’s also so gratifying and exciting too. Being a mom is the best.

UPDATE: During a period of crankiness this afternoon, I peeked behind little E’s lower lip, and low and behold, a second tooth. We now have not just a tooth, we have TEETH! Amazing! ;)


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