My cat: A part of the family

How is it that our pets manage to fill such an important role in the family? Even though they can’t talk to us, they seem to be able to communicate with us on some deep level.

When I adopted my first cat in 2001, I knew it was a big responsibility. I knew that it would mean a lot of extra work and that it was a commitment to care for my cat as if he was a child, because that’s really what a pet is like — especially when you don’t have kids.

It took almost no time for Mewson to make his mark on my life and to take his place as companion in my family. Yes, he was a mischievous little orange furball — but he was my mischievous orange furball!

girl with cat

The photo above is me with Mewson (my first cat) in 2004. As you can see, I was completely in love with this cat!

So, how does a cat become a part of the family? Well, it just happens. There is really no stopping it. Unless you are completely heartless, it’s almost impossible to ignore the charm of a cat. In most cases I think we’re under the spell of our pet the first time we meet them — much like when you give birth to a child.

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