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Nook Simple Touch GlowLight review

Before I begin my Nook Simple Touch GlowLight review, I want to share a little personal story with you.

There was a time in my life when reading meant everything to me. I even decided in my late teens that I wanted to be a writer, myself, and I even graduated college with a degree in English.

Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Review

After college, life really started going in fast forward. As I became a mother, and my life revolved around babies, I realized that I had really lost touch with that part of myself that loved to read. I knew it was time to change that when I purchased my first e-reader last year.

That said, the model I chose just wasn’t as comfortable for me as reading traditional books. The screen was more like a computer monitor and I found that I had extreme eye-fatigue after just twenty minutes of bedtime reading.

Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Review

My friend Karen had been raving about her Nook SimpleT ouch for a couple years, so when I had the opportunity to review the new Barnes & Noble Nook SimpleTouch GlowLight from Staples, I couldn’t pass it up.

I admit, I had a little prejudice against the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight before trying it. I mean, it just doesn’t seem to have all the fancy bells and whistles of the tablet-style e-readers.

I want to tell you, however, that I was TOTALLY wrong about this device. The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is actually the e-reader that I have been looking for, and while I review a lot of products on this blog, let me express that I really, REALLY love this product.

The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is available for a reasonable $119 at, or in your local Staples store!

Favorite Nook Simple Touch GlowLight Features

  • 6″ E-Ink® touchscreen at a resolution 600 x 800 and 16-level Gray Scale
  • Most advanced E Ink® display with clear, crisp text – even in bright sun
  • Under 7 ounces, this is the lightest NOOK ever
  • Over 2.5 million books, magazines and newspapers and if thats not enough, NOOK lets you borrow books in the universally accepted ePub format – so you can borrow and read eBooks from your local library!
  • NOOK connects via thousands of Wi-Fi® 802.11b/g/n networks, including FREE access at all Barnes & Noble stores and more than 24,000 AT&T® hotspots
  • Connect with friends and share recommendations about the books you love on Facebook and Twitter, or swap books with LendMe® technology
  • 2GB holds up to 1000 books
  • With 2GB of space and 32GB w/ microSD card expandable memory, your library has virtually no limits
  • Get handpicked recommendations on what to read next and personalize your reading experience by adding your own screensaver and bookshelves
  • Read for over 1 month on a single charge with GlowLight on and 2 months with it off

Nook Simple Touch GlowLight

Quite simply, the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is lightweight, easy on the eyes, and designed with one thing in mind…. READING. Not surfing the web, or playing crossword puzzle apps, it’s designed to give you a pleasurable reading experience, and that’s exactly what it does.

I’ve already read five books in January, which is really incredible for me. In fact, if you’re on, you should add me as a friend!

Staples provided me with this Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. The words opinions express in this review are strictly my own.

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  1. Marina — February 8, 2013 @ 7:46 am (#)

    I love that this is lightweight and I could use this in bed even when everyone else is asleep. I’m so tempted to get this now!


  2. Lola Bryant — February 8, 2013 @ 8:58 am (#)

    I have been thinking of getting an e-reader for a few years, mainly because books are taking over my space.. but have been unable to decide on a model. I have been encouraged by some to go with the web-surfing kind but others have said to stick with the simple e-reader. Will certainly consider your review while I continue to debate (with myself) on whether or not I want to give up the pleasure of handling and turning pages in my paper books.


  3. Tami Pollard — February 8, 2013 @ 9:00 am (#)

    My BIL gave me his old original Nook. He uses his iPad to read now. While it is nice for eating and reading(one finger page turning), I still prefer a paper book. Mostly because I tend to flip back to previous pages to reread something I missed. You cannot do that with a Nook. Well, technically you can but it would take forever. Then there is the battery running out in the middle of a good part. So I tend to have one paper book and one Nook book going at the same time, just in case. LOL


  4. Jennifer — February 8, 2013 @ 9:04 am (#)

    sounds like you really liked it! I prefer paper myself, the only time I would use this is on a trip.


  5. Patricia B — February 8, 2013 @ 9:40 am (#)

    I added you as a friend on Goodreads. I read a lot and I get a lot of books from all of the bloggers and others on FB. Plus I get free ones from free Nook book Friday on B&N.


  6. Lori A. — February 8, 2013 @ 10:39 am (#)

    My husband gave me one of these for Christmas and I love it! I love to read in bed before I go to sleep but he didn’t like the light. We kind of went back and forth over whether to get this or one of the fancy newer tablets with all the bells and whistles. But, honestly, I’m glad we went with the Nook Simple Touch w/Glow Light, because I really don’t need all the other stuff.
    I do still check out “real” books at the librarysometimes because I don’t really want to have to pay for every book I read. But I’ve also found a lot of free books on the Nook that I’ve enjoyed.


  7. Nickida — February 8, 2013 @ 11:12 am (#)

    What a great review. I saw this at Barnes and Noble and I have to say that I am really thinking of picking it up. I have an iPad but I want something for just books and expandable memory is a huge plus for me.


  8. Shanaka — February 8, 2013 @ 11:57 am (#)

    I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I coudl stand an e-reader or not. I just enjoy holding an actual book and turning the pages and having the smell of the paper under my nose for a few hours. I think I could put my inner book nerd on hold with the many books that the e-readers can hold. This looks like one that would suit me. When I want to read that’s all I want to do.


  9. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon — February 8, 2013 @ 7:43 pm (#)

    I love to read in bed and this would be perfect for me –thanks for sharing!


  10. Tiffany — February 9, 2013 @ 11:42 am (#)

    Sounds really cool! I have MAJORLY dropped the ball on reading ever since the kids came along. Seems like magazine articles (and blog posts) are all I have time for!


  11. Jenny — February 11, 2013 @ 1:40 pm (#)

    We have a Kindle in our house, but I think I’d like a Nook sometime. That way I don’t have to share it with anyone (yes I hate people touching my stuff), and this would be awesome for bedtime stuffs, especially since I do all my gaming and reading when everyone has gone to sleep. :P


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