Nurture The Eggs In The Basket You Have

This is something that I posted to Instagram a few days ago. Social media is so fleeting and I just wanted to post it here for my own record keeping as well.

Nurture The Eggs In The Basket You Have

I become fixated on new projects in my professional and personal lives. I coddle new ideas and feel alive when I think about the blank slate. While I was in the shower (where my better ideas are conceived), God gave me a message via my inner voice. The voice said I should nurture the eggs in the basket I have.

This really applies to so many areas of my life, and it’s definitely the message I needed to receive. Instead of looking for a fresh start, a new business venture, a new possession, or being compelled to put my eggs in many baskets, I need to take stock and invest my time and heart into the gifts that I’ve already been given. I need to not take those gifts for granted.

I need to be still, and channel my energies into what’s right in front of me.


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