Pink lines, blue lines, and a digital yes

Because clearly, when you take a home pregnancy test and it comes up positive, the next step is to immediately jump in the car, drive to the nearest drugstore, and waste another $40 on more tests.

Add a blood test to the list, because I just received a call from my doctor with the results of that, too. Definitely pregnant!

Dear Crissy Pregnancy

While we planned to try for another kiddo sometime within the next year or two, this was certainly a surprise. A happy, OMG, surprise! If I had even a lick of good sense, I probably would have held off on telling THE WHOLE WORLD that I am pregnant for at least a few more weeks, but seriously? I can’t keep a secret.

I am only 4 weeks, and by my calculations, will be having a Santa baby, right around Christmastime!

I will obviously have a lot more to say as time goes by, but right now, I’m just letting it all sink in. OMG… I’m having another baby!


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