OnStar FMV: Protect your precious cargo

When I test drove the Buick Enclave last fall, I fell in love with OnStar, and now OnStar has a product called OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle)!

Because I am always always driving with my children in tow, safety is constantly on my mind and I truly felt a sense of peace knowing that I had that connection with OnStar in case of an accident.

OnStar FMV allows you to replace your vehicle’s rear view mirror with a powerful OnStar unit that gives you all of the amazing perks that come along with OnStar including GPS services, automatic crash response and roadside assistance.

Keep reading to find out how you can win an OnStar FMV unit as well as 6 months of free service!

OnStar FMV

How does OnStar FMV work?

OnStar FMV has built in connectivity and GPS services, giving you the same peace of mine offered from traditional OnStar including your direct link to live OnStar advisers and the ability to detect and send help to your exact location in the event of the unthinkable — a crash.

You will need to check your vehicle’s compatibility with OnStar FMV. If your vehicle is compatible, you can purchase OnStar FMV right now for $99 including installation. Plans start as low as $18.95 per month.

OnStar for my vehicle

OnStar FMV is such a clever product.

I love that the power of OnStar comes in the form of an unassuming rear view mirror, giving everyone the ability to feel like a VIP and experience OnStar at a completely reasonable price. Whether you have a crash, or even simply run out of gas or get a flat tire, OnStar’s roadside assistance has your back. How cool is that?

Win an OnStar FMV unit

The folks at OnStar have generously provided one OnStar FMV unit as well as 6 months of their Directions and Connections service! That’s a $250 value overall! Good luck!

Update Giveaway has ended.

I was not compensated for this post, I am simply sharing a great giveaway with my readers!


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