Our Pop Secret movie night!

Pop Secret Movie Night

Movie night with the kids—it’s something that my husband and I have been looking forward to since having our first child in 2009. We waited patiently, and finally, Evan is old enough to truly enjoy the fun of a family movie night!

Of course, in Evan’s mind, movie night means one thing and one thing only. POPCORN. OMG, we’re going to have POPCORN! Seriously, what is it about kids and popcorn? Evan would eat it every day if he had his way!

Our movie did include popcorn—and it was our favorite kind, Pop Secret. I like to buy the 100 calorie snack-size bags because they are perfect as a healthy snack for me during the week, and the perfect size for Evan to munch, too.

We threw a little candy into our movie-night-mix as well, but I like to keep the candy proportions a little smaller. It’s easy, because again, Evan would rather have the Pop Secret popcorn anyway!

It’s funny, because sometimes instead of watching a new movie, we like to sit down as a family and watch one of Evan’s favorites. It was the first time his dad had watched the one we chose, and he loved being able to point out all of the best parts to him.

It seems like my kids need to see a movie a half a dozen times before they really enjoy it, so we often watch old favorites on movie night.

Movie night is all about being together as a family and enjoying some quality time eating, laughing, and just being close. I know we’re going to look back on our fun family movie nights fondly as the kids continue to grow and change through the years!


At Pop Secret, we love movies as much as you love movies. So we’re on a mission to make movie watching and popcorn even more social and fun. We’re sharing a bunch of apps, tools, and fun partnerships with everyone over at our hub, Pop Secret Labs. Keep checking back to try ‘em all out and give us feedback. The more you get involved, the better all of our movie experiences will be. See you there!

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