Outdoor Living Makeover: Can you guess which retailer?

Since moving into our home a couple years ago, we’ve been talking about the need to utilize our backyard deck space. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but, while we have been threatening to purchase a grill for two years, we have always failed to do so! We’ve been too busy, or could put that money to better use, and so we continued to put it off and fantasize about the day when we actually make enjoying our outdoor living space a priority.

After you check out my before and after photos, I invite you to leave a comment with your guess as to which retailer I worked with for the project! What do you think?

Well, that day is finally here. It was definitely time for our family to start enjoying our outdoor living space, so when I was asked to participate in a backyard makeover project with a fabulous retailer, I quite literally jumped for joy. I’m pretty sure my husband jumped too!


Outdoor Living Makeover

Can you hear the crickets? Yes, our back deck was actually empty. Dirty, and empty. Well, OK, I did remove a couple of sticks that our dog had used as chew toys before shooting this photo, but otherwise, this is completely accurate. Ready for the after photos?


Outdoor Living Makeover

The most important part of our back deck transformation, was creating a comfortable space where our family can enjoy warm-weather dining outside! I am so thrilled when I think about the incredible meals my husband is going to prepare for us now!

Outdoor Living Makeover

We kept our makeover simple, but I am loving some of the details, so classy!

Outdoor Living Makeover

We also wanted to give Evan a special play area in the yard, since this is his first summer as a truly all-terrain kid.


I would love to hear what you think of my back deck makeover, and challenge you to guess which retailer I used for this project. What do you think? In just a couple days, I’ll be revealing where I purchased my backyard makeover items, and will be discussing how you can create the outdoor living space of your dreams, too!

Who is ready for a burger?

Disclosure: I was compensated for participation in this campaign. Thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.


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