Oz The Great and Powerful clip

Oz The Great & Powerful: Travel by Bubble Clip

I can remember my mother’s excitement the first time we watched The Wizard of Oz together when I was a small child.

The film occupied a special place in her heart, and in turn, I grew to love the magic that accompanied the click-click of two sparkling ruby slippers, too.

With the nostalgia that I feel for The Wizard of Oz still permeating some of my warmest memories, I am really looking forward to Disney’s new film, Oz The Great and Powerful (starring James Franco and Michelle Williams), which opens in theaters on March 8th.

If you want to learn a little more about the story and characters behind Oz The Great and Powerful, you can visit the official site, or follow the movie on Twitter & Facebook. For an extra-special glimpse at one of most gorgeous scenes from the film, watch the clip below.

Now, who wouldn’t love to travel by bubble—really?

Oz The Great and Powerful: Travel By Bubble Movie Clip

When I showed my 3-year-old, Evan, this clip, he immediately wanted to blow bubbles. As the iridescent bubbles we blew drifted then drooped around us, he asked me what I thought it would feel like to float inside a bubble.

I told him I wasn’t sure, that I thought it would feel pretty exhilarating, and then I asked him what he thought it would feel like.

“I think it would feel like… magic,” he said.

Me too.

Oz The Great and Powerful

So, tell me.

Do you have some special memories when you think of The Wizard of Oz, and, are you excited to see the new movie—Oz The Great and Powerful?


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