The perks of tunnel vision

Inspiration vs. distraction: How sometimes doing less accomplishes more

I consider myself as an ideas person. Granted, I’ve been able to translate some of my better ideas into successful entrepreneurship, but my mind is still a constantly sparking in every direction with new plans and projects.

In fact, I’m so caught up in that swirl of wishes and wants that I spend entire days gently prodding at a whole list of ideas on my mental to-do list. Whole days spent half-heartedly researching this and reading up on that. Most of these bright ideas are never concretized in any way—they aren’t even written down on paper—and float like hopeless life rafts in the back of my mind.

I am the queen of distraction and procrastination. When I do force myself to sit down and focus on one task, to grab it with both hands and shape it into something real, I feel so much more accomplished.

I envy people who seem to have a better ability to focus on one goal and hone in completely on it. These are the experts, the tastemakers and the creative people that I wish I could be more like.

I think I do quite a few things pretty well, but wouldn’t it be better to be a visionary at ONE thing? I’m not even sure what the one thing would be, in my case.

It’s time for me to stop dawdling with small ideas and to get a serious case of tunnel vision for one real thing.


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