Personal time at what expense?

I am a true night owl.

When I was a teen, I would stay up all night on the weekends watching movies or reading, and sleep until after noon the next day. In college, similarly, if I wasn’t up studying or writing a paper, I was awake making art or chatting with someone on ICQ or AIM.

Personal time at what expense?

I require quiet. I require space and time to dream and create and be completely wrapped-up in my own thoughts. While I don’t stay up late every night, I’ve always felt like my alone time was vital.

Of course, spending the better part of the past 4 years either pregnant, nursing, or otherwise caring for children around the clock has cut my ability to score quiet time night or day down to nothing. Even now when I can get the kids to bed and have the opportunity to have some personal time, I do it at the expense of sleep.

Sleep. The only thing that is probably more important than my precious personal time. At age 34, I just can’t function on three or four hours sleep. I type this as my clock reads 2:56 a.m., and I know that I’ve done it again—I’ll pay the price tomorrow and regret blogging when I should have been sleeping.

Do you ever just desperately miss having personal time?


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