Bringing baby home: Memories and Looking Forward

Bringing Home Baby

I’ve been thinking back on what life was like after we brought Evan home from the hospital in 2009.

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Admittedly, much of that time is a blur in my mind. As a first-time-mom, everything was new to me, and I was so afraid of doing something wrong! I think it’s probably impossible for many first-time-moms to truly be able to enjoy those first few weeks, because of the sharp learning curve!

This time, however, I know a thing or two about taking care of an infant, and this gives me the confidence to know that I’ll do everything I can to enjoy those first moments. I am really, really looking forward to bringing this little girl home from the hospital.

I cant help but wonder, though… will this baby have colic, like Evan did? Will she cry all night, for months? I really hope that I am blessed with one of those “easy babies” that I keep hearing about (is there really such a thing, really?), but I’m ready for whatever type of little personality she comes home with.

With Evan, we eventually started using the Philips AVENT natural feeding bottle, which seemed to ease his colic.

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What are your memories of those first few weeks after bringing baby home?

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