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Sponsored video: BBQ chicken pizza

I’m so excited, because Pillsbury recently introduced its Artisan Pizza Crust with whole grain! With 16 grams of whole grain per serving, this is a pizza crust the whole family will love. Customize with your own favorite, fresh toppings, and it’s hot and fresh from the oven in minutes.

Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust

I have to say that pizza never fails to be a winner in our home, but we do get tired of the same old, same old pizza recipes. I’ve been on the hunt recently for some new pizza ideas and I found quite a few of them when I googled “Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust.” Have I mentioned how much I love the internet?

Check out this video that offers a great idea for using Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust to make a delicious BBQ chicken pizza. Have you ever tasted a BBQ chicken pizza? I didn’t think that this would be something I’d love — and then I tried one. So flavorful and yummy!

I am definitely going to pick up some of this pizza crust the next time I go grocery shopping. I love finding new whole grain choices for our family meals, and I might even try this BBQ chicken pizza!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pillsbury.

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  1. Kristi Whitaker — September 22, 2012 @ 7:39 am (#)

    Looks like something I can actually make!


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