Do You Know A Real Life Powerpuff?

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I still have what’s left of my first set of car keys, and when I look at that tangled mess of metal and glitter it makes me think about all of the wonderful parts of being in high school.

One of the vintage (I’m old!) items dangling from that set of keys is a little plastic Buttercup figure. Buttercup was, and still is, my favorite Powerpuff Girl! I love her no-nonsense approach to life. She reminds me to assert myself when I need to and that it’s good to be in charge of my own life.

When I look at my little girl, I see a Real Life Powerpuff. Kara is independent, creative and definitely loves to make her own decisions. In fact, Kara is so strong-willed that we sometimes butt heads, but I’m okay with that. Raising a strong young woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind is important to me. She’s a little firecracker for sure and I am truly excited to see how my Real Life Powerpuff grows and changes over the coming years. I’m sure she’ll keep me on my toes! :)

If you know a Real Life Powerpuff you should enter Hulu’s latest contest! Keep reading to find out more.

The Powerpuff Girls Contest

Hulu is celebrating the launch of The Powerpuff Girls by highlighting amazing girls across the country!

These #RealLifePowerpuff girls (like my awesome little Kara) are doing rad things and inspiring others along the way, whether working in the fields of science or sports, or doing great things for their families and community. Do you have an awesome, inspiring young girl in your life? Share your #RealLifePowerpuff girl by posting a photo or video of them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag it with #RealLifePowerpuff and #Contest. Don’t forget to include what makes her awesome and they might get shared and enter you to win a special PPG prize! Visit the official website for more information.

As I mentioned, I was a big fan of The Powerpuff Girls back in the late 90’s! It’s why I’m super excited to be able to enjoy The Powerpuff Girls on Hulu.

About The Powerpuff Girls

If you’re not an oldschool Powerpuff fan like me, here’s a little more info about the show.

The Powerpuff Girls centers on three sugar-coated superheroes, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, whose missions in life alternate between going to school, fighting crime, winning at hopscotch and saving the world before bedtime. The girls are frequently called upon by the town’s mayor to help fight nearby criminals using their powers. While their differences cause them to squabble and tease, their individual strengths combined always lead them to victory. They rely on teamwork, trust, and friendship to thwart evil (in the most adorable way).

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