Preparing for our new baby

I can’t believe how close I am getting to my due date — December 26th.

I still have so many things to do, so many things to buy, and so much to mentally prepare for. I guess we can’t ever really be totally prepared, though, can we?

This week, the other Phillips AVENT Mom Tribe Ambassadors and I will be discussing all things relating to the end of pregnancy, which just so happens to be where I am right now!

Sleeping has been absolutely impossible for me lately. My body seems to feel every ache and pain more intensely this pregnancy, and I have been waking up completely unable to walk. Thank goodness we got a new bed this week, it is so wonderful to have a mattress that supports my huge frame, makes a big difference!

avent giveaway

Join me in the Phillips AVENT Mom Tribe and add to the discussion now! This week’s prizes are 3 Infant Starter Kits and 2 Soft Spout Cups! I love the Avent Soft Spout Cups! Giveaway Closed.

Did you have trouble sleeping during the end of your pregnancy? What did you do to make yourself more comfortable?

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