The Importance of Putting Mom In The Photo

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I’m not sure that anything could have prepared me for the changes that motherhood would bring into my life.

Being a mom is so, intense in so many ways.

The joy, the laughter, the heartbreak and the frustration—it’s a pretty big deal. Every bit of it.

Even though I probably wasn’t prepared for the rush of experiences that motherhood brought with it, I’m just grateful to have been gifted with my two kiddos.

When I became a mother, I was able to fully understand just how much my own parents love me. It’s incredible to look into a little pair of eyes and feel such a depth and connection.

Between those flashes of amazement, there are also so many days when motherhood is just plain tough. I’ve even had moments when I’ve looked into the mirror and wondered, who is that tired-looking woman staring back at me? It’s one of the reasons that I’ve avoided the camera so much in recent years, opting to focus more on pictures of the kids.

While flipping through my images on Facebook the other day, something really struck me. I’m absent in so many of our family photos. These are the pictures that will help us remember the best times in our lives, and I’ve excluded myself from the photos!

I’m on a mission to change that this year. I want to be more present in family photos, because I know that my kids will treasure those pictures of me some day. I don’t have to look perfect or even have on makeup. I just need to be confident in who I am—a mom who loves her kids—a mom who wants to be a part of the family memory-making.

I also want to preserve those memories by having more photos printed. I love using my local CVS Photo and CVS Photo Online for photo prints. They also offer some really wonderful photo gifts that are perfect keepsakes.

From prints, to photo books, to wall and home décor, CVS customers can choose from a variety of project templates and style options to suit their unique styles.

I ordered a cell phone case and a photo mug using one of my favorite images of me and the kids.

You can easily design personalized photo products and gifts on, print photos directly from your camera roll or Facebook account via the CVS Pharmacy Mobile app, use an in-store KODAK Picture Kiosk to order photos while shopping at your local CVS Pharmacy, or choose to ship your products directly to your home.

I love being able to select photos from my Facebook account. This makes the whole process so much easier!

I’m also really loving the quality of the products that I received from CVS Photo. I knew that I loved the quality of the CVS photo prints, but my cell phone case and mug are super nice as well.

Happy Mother’s Day to me! :)

Moms, are you guilty of not being IN the photos? Be sure to start changing that today!


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