12 quirky homemade Iron Man finds on Etsy

As the owner of Babysavers.com, I’m so excited to attend the Hollywood premiere of Iron Man 3 with Crissy and 23 other bloggers later this month! My superhero fixation is at an all-time high, and I couldn’t resist searching for some fun Iron Man merchandise last night.

When I stumbled into an Iron Man search on Etsy, I found a wide variety of homemade Iron Man items that were just begging to be shared with the rest of the world! Far, far beyond your typical action figures and polyester costumes, these unique Iron Man goods are definitely for the most obsessed of the die-hard fans:

Quirky Homemade Iron Man Finds on Etsy

robert downey junior iron man underpants

Let’s face it, there are plenty of female Iron Man fans. I’m connecting with 20+ mom bloggers who are out-of-their-minds excited about attending the movie premiere! I know that these aren’t for me, but maybe 3 pairs of Iron Man underwear are just what a few of us need?

iron man cat toy

Do you know a Fanboy or Fangirl who has a Fancat? An Iron Man cat toy could be the perfect present!

iron man corset costume

Does your style sway towards the Renaissance era? This Corseted Iron Man costume might be the perfect fit!

iron man painted flower pot

Even gardeners love superheroes! Perhaps Iron Man’s superpowers wil help your garden grow when you plan them in this Iron Man flower pot!

iron man and the avengers nesting dolls set

These Iron Man and Avengers Nesting Dolls may be the most unique Iron Man item I’ve seen so far!

iron man as a cat

There were many, many Iron Man art prints and paintings for sale on Etsy, but only a few that really jumped out and said quirky. The Cat Avengers image is definitely one of a kind!

knitted waldorf iron man toy

Waldorf toys are made to encourage creativity and educational learning. Take that up a notch with this Iron Man Knitted Waldorf toy!

iron man stained glass desk lamp

Up late reading comic books? An Iron Man Stained Glass Lamp would illuminate your pages perfectly.

iron man my little pony

Who knew that remaking My Little Pony figures was actually a thing? This is a resculpted and repainted Iron Man My Little Pony!

iron man newborn hat and diaper cover

Did you just give birth to a tiny Iron Man fan? Get your little one into this newborn Iron Man hat and diaper cover set before she outgrows it!

iron man plush owl

If Iron Man were an owl, this is what he’d look like! Those adorable scalloped layers on this Iron Man Felt plush toy really nail his look.

iron man with baby bunny rabbit print

As a woman, I think I’m always looking for a superhero’s softer side. This print of Iron Man with a baby bunny captures exactly what I was searching for.

Would you buy any of these unique Iron Man items? Which one is your favorite?

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