Renovation diary: Cabinets and more

This post is sponsored by LG.

It’s officially summer, and we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in our kitchen renovation.

Actually, the whole process—while not convenient—hasn’t been so terrible. I know, I should totally knock on wood since we’re not finished yet—right? Luckily, I can knock on our recently installed beech cabinets!

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Remember what this wall used to look like?

This also gives you a good look at the new window, which is not as long, but much taller, than the original window. We’re getting SO much more light now!

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Instead of purchasing cabinets from a home improvement store, we decided to hire a local craftsman. We were able to design our cabinets exactly the way we wanted them, and we’re really happy with the way they turned out.

I love the simplicity of the design, and the beech wood is light and beautiful. I feel brighter and lighter every time I walk into the kitchen now, such a different and wonderful feeling.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

I also love the glass on the corner cabinets, something that we knew we wanted when designing our kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

This pantry was also one of the things that we knew we wanted in our new kitchen. It’s really large, extending floor-to-ceiling with oodles of storage space.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

The slide-out shelves are really great.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Oh, and the same week the cabinets were installed, this happened.

Our new LG kitchen appliances showed up, and my husband and I were every bit like two grown-children opening presents on Christmas morning.

Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

Of course, a renovation wouldn’t be a renovation without a few hiccups. After unboxing our gorgeous LG double oven range, we attempted to slide it into its home between the cabinets.

It didn’t fit. It didn’t fit by the slightest amount, but, it definitely didn’t fit.

At first, my stomach dropped, but my husband assured me that it was no big deal, and as always, he was right. Our awesome cabinet craftsman was able to replace one small section to fit, and now? It’s perfect. Beautiful, and perfect.

I hate to tease you about the appliances and show only glimpses of the cabinets, but I want to save something for the final reveal. Well, here’s a LITTLE sneak peek. Shhh…!

I am absolutely dying to tell you all about our LG appliances. Soon, soon!

What’s next?

After a lot of debate, we settled on quartz for our countertops. Talk about a tough decision, there are just so many different colors and styles of countertop to choose from. I can’t wait to show you what we chose!

Kitchen Renovation Update: Cabinets!

We also did this while we’re waiting for the countertops. It’s part pendant-lighting-kit, part mason jar from Zach’s grandma’s basement, and all cute.

Kitchen Renovation Update: Hello, Cabinets!

I have to tell you, I just feel so happy and hopeful about our new kitchen. Even without the countertops and finishing touches, the space has already been transformed for the better.

I think that sometimes, we go through life settling with the spaces in our home. Sometimes we settle because we’re not able or ready to invest in upgrades, and sometimes we settle because the job of renovating just feels too enormous.

We settled for a long time, but now, I’m so glad we made that leap. We’re getting there, and when this is done, our kitchen is going to be the warm, open, welcoming and functional space that our kids deserve.

If you could make one big change in your home right now, what would it be and why?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of LG, who provided the appliances for our kitchen renovation. Opinions are my own.


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