Sanity savers: 5 keys to curb s tress

Stress—it’s an inevitable part of life!

However, when you put your life and stressors in perspective, things are almost never as bad as they seem. It’s just too bad that good-advice doesn’t quite seem to quell our stress levels, even though we may know it to be the truth!

As I navigate my 30’s, I find that I focus more on finding strategies for managing my stress. The way I see it, we should spend as little time as possible stressing, and as much time as possible enjoying all of the beautiful and wonderful parts of our lives!

Sanity Savers: The Keys To Less-Stress

Here are my top 5 tips for keeping your stress under control!

5 Keys To Curb Stress

1. Take a Time Out — Parents, you may be used to administering time-outs to your toddlers, but sometimes we all need a little down-time to relax and get our thoughts in order. Try to find some quiet time to relax and clear your mind, it will help keep your stress in check!

2. Take Care of Yourself — On the same note, be sure you’re focusing on your physical and emotional well-being. Drink plenty of water, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and make time for exercise and relaxation. Your stress may be amplified when you fail to put your basic needs first.

3. Take A Breath — I’m a big advocate of deep-breathing and visualization. When I’m feeling particularly stressed, I take a series of slow, deep, and cleansing breaths while focusing on a positive outcome to whatever is stressing me.

4. Take Action — I find that often, my stress is tied to procrastination. When I take actions, and take care of the tasks that are causing me worry, I can sometimes find immediate relief to my stress!

5. Take A Look Around — Take stock. Look at the good and positive points in your life (there are no doubt quite a few of them!), and try to put your stress in perspective. I could throw in a few cliches here.

Don’t worry, be happy, perhaps?

So, how do you keep your stress levels down?


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