Kara’s simple 1st birthday party

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Kara had a very simple 1st birthday party.

Actually, I’m not sure the word party is even fitting, because we basically just had cake and presents at my mom and dad’s house.

I felt somewhat guilty doing a simple 1st birthday party after for Kara, when I had a proper birthday party for Evan, but you know… it was still perfectly sweet, and I have to admit that skipping the fuss felt kind of nice.

Simple 1st Birthday Party Cake

Again, Mommy took the relatively-easy route. I made Kara her own special cake with pretty pink frosting. I mixed a can of store-bought pink frosting with a container of Cool Whip. My thinking was that a lighter, fluffier frosting would be easier for her to manage — and eat.

I added sprinkles, of course. A little girl’s birthday cake must have sprinkles, right?

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Of course, in true Kara fashion, she did things her way. Her way, in this case, meant she pretty much didn’t want anything to do with this ridiculous cake.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

We waited her out for a few minutes to make sure she wasn’t going to have a breakthrough and begin devouring her cake, but it was not happening.

I knew what she WOULD love and go wild for, though, because Moms know these things. I mentioned her favorite word — banana — and the girl lit up like a Christmas tree.

So, in lieu of cake, Kara enjoyed some banana chunks.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

When the time to open gifts rolled around, once again, Kara was not impressed.

Evan, on the other hand, was more than happy to help Kara open her presents. He was pretty excited about opening this one, right up until he realized it was a baby doll.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Notice Kara’s narrow butt crawling out of the room in the background. I can just hear her saying, “whatevs”, in her little baby thoughts.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

I can’t believe this little girl is already a 1-year-old.

I guess I really wrote the birthday post in my heart last week, and this is just a re-cap of Kara’s simple birthday party.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

I love this sweet, beautiful and ornery little girl. She’s been a firecracker from day one, and I am really looking forward to finding out how her little personality will develop as she matures.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

I still relive the memories of the day I gave birth to Kara in my mind. It was such a beautiful experience, and I am keenly aware of how blessed I am to have this sweet little angel.

Simple 1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my little girl!

Have you ever thrown an intimate, simple birthday party for your child? Did you regret not having the BIG 1st birthday party?


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