Skinny Cow divine filled chocolates candy

Today, I am sitting behind my laptop with the goal of writing a post about Skinny Cow’s new Divine Filled Chocolates Candy. I decided right away that two words needed to appear in the first paragraph of this post, at any cost, and those words are: HOLY YUM.

Skinny Cow Divine Chocolates

I’m a fan of the Skinny Cow ice cream products, and maybe you’ve tried them too, but Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates are completely different—it’s candy—found in the candy aisle. Delicious, creamy, OMG candy that’s so good you’ll have to hide them from your husbands. Yes, hide them. If you have any hope of actually getting to eat these at your leisure, HIDE THEM.

Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates are only 130 calories per serving (a serving is 3 pieces of candy, it’s a nice portion), and there is nothing about this product aside from the calorie count that says diet.

Your husband and your children are going to want to eat your precious 130 calorie candies, they are that good.

Skinny Cow

I’ve been dieting off and on since giving birth to Kara. What I’ve learned, recently, is that if I completely cut out chocolate and other small indulgences, I end up losing my way when cravings become too much.

When you try a 130 calorie pack of these candies from Skinny Cow, you’ll know why they chose the word divine for the product’s name—they really are divine—heavenly, even, and trust me about hiding these from your husband and your kids!

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