What are your sleep quirks?

Last night before crawling under the sheets, I turned on the small fan next to my side of the bed.

“Rotary motor, activated,” my husband scoffed, and I nearly wilted with laughter in the dark bedroom.

On that particular night, our exchange over the fan was lighthearted, but we’ve had some serious squabbles over my need for the fan in the bedroom.

What are your sleep quirks? I require a fan!

Granted, this particular fan is a real hoopty. I paid all of about ten dollars a few months ago after my much nicer and much quieter fan bit the dust. It was meant to be a temporary fix that I just haven’t… fixed.

It really does sound awful, but not as awful as the deafening scream of silence for someone like me, who is accustomed to sleeping with the noise of a fan at night.

My husband despises the fan, and I feel that it’s a necessity.

I get it honest, my parents both use a fan to sleep at night and they even pack a fan when they go on vacation.

He also prefers a room that is completely dark, and I like just a little glow from a night light. Oh, and we never seem to agree on whether the room is too hot, or too cold. Of course—it’s never just right.

In my defense on the fan issues, he snores, and if the fan isn’t running he ends up being kicked (I mean nudged, gently) about three hundred times every night, so really it’s in his best interest, too.

What are your sleep quirks? Do you ever find yourself at odds with your partner when it’s time for lights-out?


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