Small Moments Matter Most

This post is sponsored by Pearle Vision. Opinions are my own.

When I think about the world we live in today, it’s always framed around these two kiddos.


There’s no denying that we live in a chaotic world. In fact, Pearle Vision recently conducted a national survey finding that 43% of Americans have less trust in the world than usual.

Yikes. That’s not the kind of atmosphere I want my kids to grow up in, and I make an effort every day to help my kids see the good in people and in the world.

The thing is, it’s really quite amazing how one small moment can build so much trust.

I recently saw a shining example of this last week while going through a stressful time with my family.

My husband has been suffering with some health issues recently, and his doctor suggested that he have some medical testing. I found myself in a flurry of worry and I struggled to keep worst-case-scenarios out of my mind.

One thing that made all the difference was a visit from my sweet Sunday school teacher and her husband.

They drove quite a distance just to support me during my husband’s tests and it meant so much to me. They even brought some levity to the situation and had me laughing during a moment when I really needed it most! These people didn’t have to get out of bed early and drive out of their way to be there for me and my husband, but they did. It was a small moment that made a big impact in my life.

Oh, and the great news is that my husband’s test results revealed excellent news!

Pearle Vision understands how important a personal touch and quality care is, too.

Their new campaign, Small Moments, and this heartwarming TV ad entitled “Ben’s Glasses” highlights Pearle Vision’s legacy and continued commitment to providing genuine eye care, knowing that trust between patients and their eye care experts is built through a series of small moments.

How sweet was that video?

Pearle Vision’s eye care experts take the time to care for the people behind the eyes. They listen and understand what’s important to their patients and use all of those small details to deliver the best personalized eye care.

Do you see those big brown eyes peering over the top of the hot cocoa below? Those pretty peepers are my whole world, and it’s why I trust Pearle Vision when it comes to my family’s eye care needs.


I’m loving that Pearle Vision takes that extra step to connect with their patients and to make each experience one that is personalized, warm and thorough.

Did you know that Pearle Vision is a 55-year-old brand founded by a Doctor, Dr. Stanley Pearle? Dr. Pearle believed in the importance of caring for eyes (and the people behind the eyes). He considered every customer a neighbor, and it’s a friendly philosophy that the brand carries to this day. Just imagine how much stronger our world would be if more people adopted this mantra! Care for your customer as if they’re your neighbor, your friend, or your own family member.


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