Team soda, or team pop?

Whether you call it soda, or pop, you’ll love making carbonated water and soft drinks at home with the SodaStream! Zach and I tested this unique product tonight, and took lots of photos, so you can share in the fun! SodaStream is also going to send one lucky reader a Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit, and several flavors! (approx. $100 retail value), so keep reading!

SodaStream sent us their Penguin Starter Kit, which includes the Penguin Sparkling Water & Soda Machine, (2) 60 liter Carbonators, and 2 lovely Penguin Glass Carafes. I also received a wonderful assortment of SodaMix flavors and MyWater essence flavors. These flavors go a long way–the bottles you see in the photo will make hundreds of liters of soda.

After pulling out all of the components of the system, and spending about three minutes reading the instructions, Zach was already making our first bottle of soda. This machine was incredibly easy to use, and it really only takes three easy steps to make a bottle of pop (if I’m being honest, I call it pop, not soda)! You simply fill your bottle or carafe with cold tap water, carbonate the water in the machine, and add the flavor of your choice to the carbonated water!

There are so many great things to say about the SodaStream, but one of my favorite points is that there are no cords or batteries required to use it! One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to kitchen gadgets, is having to deal with ugly cords. Your SodaStream machine will look great in your kitchen, and you don’t need to worry about placing it near an outlet!

I am also thrilled to own this product, because in a year or two when Evan is asking if he can have a drink of Mommy or Daddy’s pop, we will be able to make a flavored sparkling water for him that is free of sugar and artificial sweeteners. SodaStream’s MyWater flavor essences are unsweetened, and all natural! This even inspires me to start making my own sparkling water flavored with the MyWater essences–it is such a healthy alternative!

In addition, as someone who regrettably wastes a lot of plastic in the form of water and soda bottles, I am making a conscious effort to try to reduce the amount of waste I am responsible for creating. The SodaStream is a step in the right direction, and each of the machines comes with reusable bottles to store your delicious fizzy beverages in!

SodaStream is an “Active Green” product, meaning that consumers are actively reducing their CO2 footprint every time they make soda or sparkling water at home instead of buying it from the store. The more the system is used on a daily basis, the more CO2 footprint the user actively saves. (This differs from “Passive Green” products, which use green-friendly production processes, but their products are not inherently helping the consumers save on their daily footprint.) from

Overall, this machine is easy and fun to use. The orange pop we made tasted great, and we can’t wait to try some of the other flavors!

Disclosure: SodaStream provided me with the Penguin Starter Kit and flavors for review, however, the opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. No compensation was received for this review


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