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Splendid Littles for Target review

So, I have a little boy. A sweet, yet ornery, little boy. One thing that I learned even before my little guy was born, is that cute clothing options for boys are not always easy to find. Needless to say, when I discover a collection of clothing as adorable as the Splendid Littles line for Target, I am an immediate fan! Keep reading to find out how you can win a $50 Target gift card to help with a little shopping for your splendid little one!

As for my review, let’s start with a photo. Evan is wearing the White Raglan Crew Tee and Long-Sleeve Full Front Zip Hoodie, both from Splendid Littles for Target.

Why do I love Splendid Littles for Target?

Well, it’s simple. While at a glance, this collection is undeniably bright and fashionable, it is also so soft to the touch that you can be absolutely certain that your child is comfortable, and if you’re anything like me, you can appreciate that assurance. In fact, I am so won over by the softness that I plan to gift a few pieces from the infants category the next time I need to buy for a baby shower. They are soft, soft, soft. Did I mention SOFT?

Straight fron an L.A. boutique, just for your little one, from signature stripes to a rainbow of vibrand colors, our exclusive Splendid Littles for Target collection was made with some of the softest yarns for an ultra-luxurious touch.

With our cold climate here in Ohio, I also love the weight of the Splendid Littles for Target pieces. It is very cold here right now, however, I actually hate dressing Evan in sweaters and sweatshirts, because with the furnace running at full blast indoors, he ends up too hot, too fast. I prefer to dress him in layers, and as you can see from the photo above, the White Raglan Crew Tee and Long-Sleeve Full Front Zip Hoodie pair perfectly to provide a little little warmth, and we just lose the hoodie when he gets too warm!

As I said earlier, I have a little boy, and jump for joy when I find stylish clothing options for him, however, have you seen the items for little girls from Splendid Littles? They are super cute as well! Be sure to enter below to win a $50 Target gift card, and check out the Splendid Littles collection online or in your local Target.

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