Sponsored video: Life’s a party with Seventh Generation

I spend a lot of time thinking about what’s on my children’s little fingers, because those sweet little cherubic fingers are on a fast track for their equally-adorable mouths.

Sure, I have germs and bacteria to worry about making its way into my kids mouths, but what about the harsh toxins and chemicals that many of the products we use to “clean” our home might contain? If you think about it, that’s almost scarier than the actual dirt and germs!

When I saw this fun and upbeat video from Seventh Generation, I really just had to smile. I mean, my kids would love to tear into a cake like the children in the video — it would be so fun! I love the fact that Seventh Generation keeps those sweet little fingers that I mentioned before in mind when they develop new products that are free of the… scary stuff.

I would be surprised if anyone watched that video and didn’t end up smiling and tapping their foot. Even my kids were dancing around the living room when they watched the video. Life really should be a party, and as parents, we shouldn’t have to worry about our cleaning products being harmful to our children.

Thanks to Seventh Generation products, we don’t!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Seventh Generation. Opinions are my own.


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