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Sponsored video: TomTom gives you more

It’s no secret, I love TomTom. I mean, yes, I actually own a TomTom device, and use it quite often, but I also love this brand’s sense of humor and style.

If you’re a viral video junkie like me, and I’m guessing that at least a few of you are, you’ll love this cute and funny viral video parody from TomTom.

You see, TomTom set out to make their own viral video to promote a fun new contest (more on that below), but they spent so much money on the PRIZES for the contest, that they fell a little short when filming their own viral video.

Well, you’ll see what I mean. It’s really cute — trust me!

See what I mean? Cute, right? Now, learn more about TomTom’s awesome new online competition!

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TomTom Gives you More Contest

Did you know that TomTom has launched the online contest, TomTom Gives you More, which encourages you to “unwrap the world”, and is offering an incredible grand prize; one of six unforgettable driving adventures for 4 people. TomTom always hosts the best contests, seriously!

If you want to join the competition, you simply need to select a wrapped up continent and unwrap it. Once you have successfully unwrapped an entire route, you can upload a file, and explain why YOU should be chosen as TomTom’s big winner in the contest!

Your file could be a video, a song, a short story or even a poem! The most creative, original and fun entry will win a trip on the unwrapped route!

Oh, and of course, there will be thousands of other prizes to win, including TomTom navigation devices, Nike+ sport watches and gift vouchers. The competition runs until the 15th of January 2013, and you can enter to win here.

This post is sponsored by TomTom. Opinions are genuine, and my own.

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