Spring dreams

Can we all just make a pact? When summer arrives, and we’re hot and sweaty and slow to move, can we all just promise each other that we won’t cry and moan and complain about the heat?

Because this winter? Seriously…

I find that I’m daydreaming about spring, warmth, and sunshine. Need. Sunshine.

I’m also thinking about the changes I want to make in my life when spring rolls around. The most important change I intend to make is working less.

The decision to start my own business was sparked by the desire to have children and to stay home with those children. Goal accomplished, but, being a SAHM doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a present mom. I know I am not spending enough quality time with the kids—completely unplugged time—and I am fixing that this summer.

That probably means that I’m going to have to let things slide a bit, and I’m prepared to take that risk.

Even if I only manage to take an extra day or two off this spring and summer, I’m going to make them count. I can’t wait to begin the warm-weather adventures with my family—it can’t get here soon enough.

Are you daydreaming about spring and summer? What are you looking forward to the most?


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