Sugarcandie Beauty Bar review

One of the few beauty rituals that I perform daily, without fail, is using my favorite scrub on my face. I even follow some diy scrub recipes to get the perfect blend for my skin type.

I’m not sure why it never crossed my mind to look into purchasing some scrubs for the rest of my body, but after receiving a lovely sampling of products from Sugarcandie Beauty Bar, I am beyond addicted! Please note, I do not use the word addicted lightly. My husband said that our bathroom smelled like a warm cupcake after my shower last night, and my response was, “Yep, get used to it!”

For my review, Sugarcandie sent me a selection of their 11oz. Cake Frosting Sugar Scrubs from the holiday collection and a several sample fragrances. What I learned from this wide variety of scents, is that personally, I prefer fragrances that are foodie. I love vanilla, frosting, buttercream, lemon, cotton candy, cake, and chocolate. The descriptions of the fragrances on Sugarcandie Beauty Bar’s website are pretty thorough, so be sure to read-up and choose scents that you think will smell intoxicating!

The original founder of the company was a gourmet baker by trade. The company began creating dessert inspired candles and within that same year started whipping up the first of many fresh dessert inspired bath & body products.

Aside from the fact that these scrubs smell so good you have serious urges to EAT them (please don’t), you will find that after scrubbing, your skin feels incredibly smooth and polished. Not to mention, the scent doesn’t just go down the drain, which made me really happy. I was pleased with how great I smelled even after thoroughly rinsing the product off my body in the shower. My skin also feels soft and moisturized after using the scrubs, a major benefit for someone like me who suffers from dry winter skin.


Total Calories: 0%
Total Holiday Indulgence:110%
Total Fun Factor:110%
Suggested Serving: As Much As Ya Want!


As a side note, but something that I thought was really interesting, is that Sugarcandie Beauty Bar offers a program designed for beauty addicts, or anyone interested in starting their own bath and body business, called the Pink Membership. This program is available for private label, as well, so you could even create your own branding, how cool!

For $199 (per year) Pink Membership Luxury Benefits Include:

  • Free sample surprises with every purchase.
  • 50% off every purchase.
  • You can shop any BOGO & All Retail Specials at 50% off!
  • Free $50 Gift Card when your friend joins the club & mentions your name!
  • Exclusive online beauty specials for Pink Membership Holders Only!

My experience with the people at Sugarcandie Beauty Bar, as well as with their products, has been stellar. In fact, one day after receiving my scrubs, I was on their site placing an order for more products. Good customer service and quality products go a long way, and I am more than happy to quench my new beauty addiction at Sugarcandie Beauty Bar! Oh, and their shop is right here in Ohio, which is PERFECT for this Ohio mom!

Be sure to visit Sugarcandie Beauty Bar online today, and become their fan on Facebook! Sugarcandie’s Facebook account is fresh, so let’s help them feel welcome!

Disclosure: Sugarcandie Beauty Bar provided me with a variety of bath and body products for this review. Opinions expressed are genuine, honest, and mine. No additional compensation was received.


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