What makes baby girls so special?

kara baby photo


After two years of total immersion in everything boy, the prospect of walking the path of motherhood with a daughter as well, is really amazing to me. I feel so lucky to be able to experience all the sweetness of raising a boy, and a girl, and wow — is this girl sweet.

7 week old baby

At 7-weeks-old now, Kara has really started to blossom in significant ways.

I forgot how fast the explosion of personality comes with a newborn. Within a matter of a few short weeks, your baby goes from tiny, wrinkly, and sleepy to chubby, bright-eyed and vocal.

It is really just like looking at Evan at times when I watch Kara’s facial expressions, and listen to her little baby noises. If she continues to progress as her brother did, she’ll be successfully mimicking words in no time, and speaking clearly soon after.

One thing about Kara’s development that seems different than Evan’s, is the control she has over her body. She is a strong little thing, and I am predicting that she’ll be rolling over any day now. Evan was never the first baby on the block to hit physical milestones — just average.

Of course, I have to say it. I just can’t believe how fast my sweet, special little girl is growing up.

Want to see some more photos of Kara? I posted a series of adorable, and funny outtakes from this photo session on Babble today.

Tell me what makes your little girl special!


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