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alcohol and kids

Because I have seen the effects of alcoholism within my own family firsthand, I am very concerned with making sure that my own children are educated about the dangers of alcohol from an early age.

In my opinion, this is a topic just as important as looking both ways before you cross the street, or taking candy from strangers, and sadly it seems that many parents just aren’t getting the message about the seriousness of underage drinking.

Did you know that parents are the main suppliers of alcohol to 15 to 17-year-olds, with 61% of teens who had drunk at home in the last week saying their parents had provided them with the alcohol and 43% saying their family had provided them with alcohol for parties? This is a mind blowing statistic to me, and really makes me afraid for the day when my children are having sleepovers at other homes.

I also feel that rampant drinking by young people displayed on television and the internet is contributing to underage drinking and experimentation with drugs. Kids need to understand that drinking is a serious life choice, and they need to be the proper legal age before even considering making that choice for themselves.

You can learn now to start the dialog about drinking with your children by visiting this site.

So, I’m really curious. Have you started the discussion about alcohol with your kids? If you haven’t, at what age do you find this discussion appropriate?

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