Tea Collection offers cute clothing for boys

I am on a never ending search for cute clothing for boys, which why I was so delighted to try a few pieces from Tea Collection recently.

The Tea Collection

When you become pregnant with a little boy, you notice almost immediately when shopping, that the fashion bias is definitely toward girls clothing. I can remember how disappointing it was to see five racks of cute girls clothing to every one rack for little boys in local department stores.

My advice to moms seeking cute clothing for little boys. Shop online. Finding online retailers like Tea Collection will make you slightly less bitter about the fact that it’s so hard to find nice boys clothes. I was honestly very impressed with Tea Collection, from the moment I spoke with a representative on the phone to place my order.

I ordered an adorable pair of jeans, and a cute sweater for Evan. When you receive a Tea Collection package in the mail, you can tell immediately upon opening it that the clothing inside is high-quality. Sometimes I feel like children’s clothing is really not made with as much attention to detail as adult fashions, but the pieces that you will receive from Tea Collection are incredibly well made. The fabrics are soft, but durable, and you can really tell that each piece was created with fashion AND function in mind.

The Tea Collection

I am also in love with the mix and match aspect of all the Tea Collection boys clothing. I love having the opportunity to buy a collection of pieces that all go together so well. I am definitely going to be buying some of the summer sets in the coming month. The more versatile my kids clothes are, the better.

I’m actually heading over to Tea Collection right now to pick up a few spring pieces for Evan. A tip, you can sign up for Tea Collection’s newsletter to save 10% off your first order!

Disclosure: Tea Collection provided me with samples to facilitate this article. No additional compensation was received. Thoughts are my own


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