Confession Time… I’m That Parent

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When I saw the trailer for the upcoming comedy, THE HOUSE, starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, I found myself cracking up. I mean, can you imagine setting up an illegal casino in your home to replenish your child’s college fund?

It sounds absolutely off the wall, zany, and a touch crazy… right? Well, yeah. I mean, it is just FUNNY MOVIE after all. I’d never go THAT far just to make my child’s dreams a reality.

‘THE HOUSE’ Movie Trailer

So, I may not have set up an illegal gambling operation in my house, but I will confess that I actually HAVE done some really nutty things to make my kids happy.

For instance, are you aware of the complete spectacle that Valentine’s Day boxes have become for kids these days?

When I was a child, I’d wrap a shoebox in tin foil, tape on a few construction paper hearts and call it a day.

My eyes were opened a few years ago when I walked into my son’s pre-k classroom to see another parent wheeling her daughter’s Valentine’s Day box in on A CART.

It wasn’t a box at all… it was like a miniature magical kingdom complete with a castle and small clay animals.

The scale alone of these “boxes” is ridiculous. Full size fire trucks, replica cakes, giant robots… come on, people.

Do these parents have no life? It was clear that the kiddos, who could barely hold their pencils the right way, weren’t making these Valentine’s Day boxes!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!!!!!!

Except, I sat at home that day while my son enjoyed his Valentine’s Day party, and I worried. Poor kid… I made him color his own box and it looked like a four-year-old made it. I mean, that’s mostly because a four-year-old made it, but still. He definitely wasn’t going to win any awards with his box!

Here’s another example of a kid-led Valentine’s Day box project. I let my daughter create her own box last year, and once again, I felt inferior when I saw those other amazing box projects. I mean, preschool Valentine’s Day box designs totally go on college applications, right? HOPE NOT!!!

This year, I found myself trying to inspire both of my kids to put a little more effort into his box. When it became clear that neither of them were interested in working on their boxes, something snapped inside me. My need to compete kicked in and I just felt driven to create an amazing Valentine’s Day boxes that wouldn’t look so sad compared to ones brought in by the other kids.

I ended up staying up until 2am to create this super elaborate boxes. I was totally turning into THAT MOM, and I wasn’t sure whether to be proud or embarrassed about my creations!

Have you ever gone to a crazy extreme to help your child be successful? Am I the only crazy Valentine’s Day box mom out there? Please tell me I’m not! :)

‘THE HOUSE’ In Theaters June 30

I can’t wait to see this hilarious movie. How about you? Get all the details and follow along with movie news and fun tidbits below!

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