The many moods of a toddler

I am continually surprised at how quickly things can change from day to day with my son. Everything from eating, to sleeping, to his general mood can shift from one extreme to another in pretty short order. Teething and growth spurts undoubtedly have a lot to do with the erratic sleeping and changes in appetite, and wow, it is exhausting just keeping up with all of the changes sometimes.

He is starting to show the first signs of tantrum-throwing. When I took an ink pen away from him the other day, I saw the rage building up, and next thing I know he was trying to bite my hand. Whoa, buddy! Don’t bite your friends.

It’s also interested to note how as each new issue arises, it seems like the MOST important thing in the world at the time, then before you know it they are on to the next obstacle. When we first took the bottle away from Evan at 12-months, I was totally stressed because he didn’t have full mastery of his sippy cup yet. Before I knew it, the cup was no longer an issue, and now we’re on to trying to tackle self-feeding with utensils. So far, with most things, it’s been epic struggle one day and easy-peasy within a short time.

I am starting to get a little nervous about potty training, though. It’s hard to say if he’ll take to it quickly, or if it will be a major struggle. It’s almost time to start trying!


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