The vital importance of a white onesie

As the gifts rolled in for Evan last summer prior to his birth, I was never too thrilled when I opened yet another package of plain white onesies. Not that I was ungrateful for gifts of any variety, it’s just that I had no concept at that time how much I would treasure that package of onesies. I was more interested in fancy, adorable outfits for my newborn. In my fantasies of him, he would always be dressed in the cutest little outfits. Boy, did I have it backwards!

I soon learned that most of those fancy outfits for little tiny babies just don’t fit properly, and look horribly uncomfortable. I have bags and bags of expensive baby clothes that Evan never even had the chance to wear.

If I ever have another baby shower to attend, and I can only assume that I will, I’ll know what to bring. A BUNCH OF WHITE ONESIES. We use them so much, that at almost any given moment Evan is either hanging out in just a onesie, or he has one on under his clothes for added warmth. He sleeps in long-sleeved onesies (with pants and socks, of course) at night, and I am sure when it gets warmer this summer he’s going to be rocking the onesie-only look.

I keep saying “onesie”, but, I actually prefer the Carter’s brand white bodysuits. The Gerber Onesie is fine, and we used them when he was smaller, but they aren’t quite as nice.

I also have to admit that there really isn’t anything cuter than a chubby little baby nugget in nothing but a white onesie. The vision makes me want to squeeze my little guy into a million pieces.

I can’t believe I wrote this much about any particular piece of baby attire, but, I was just thinking how my perspective has changed since gaining some experience as a mother. When you are pregnant with your first baby, and everyone is telling you not to go overboard with your purchases because the kid probably won’t like/use half of what you’re buying, it’s easy to scoff. There’s just really no way to know what you will need until you have your baby and go through those first few months.

Soon, I’m going to post my personal must-haves list, and of course, the white onesie is going to be near the top!


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