For the next six months, and the next six months only, these two will both be toddlers.


My little tiny Kara is finally walking, and Evan really seems more like a 5-year-old than a 3-year-old. He’s always seemed so much older to me.

Evan is finally realizing that my promises about his little screaming sister were true.

“Someday soon, she’ll walk, Evan. Someday soon, she’ll talk, Evan. Someday soon, she’ll even be old enough to play with you,” I told him.

I watch her now, wobbling with high-steps across our carpeted floor to where he is playing with plastic tools. They squabble a little over who gets to hold the drill, and he decides to find a doll for her to play with, so he doesn’t have to share his treasures.

“Here, K… here’s your Lovie. Do you want your Lovie?” he asks.

They play together now. They even argue a little, but it’s so clear that they love each other. Seeing them interacting is so adorable, and it makes me really glad that I had them just 2 years apart.

What are the age gaps between your kids?


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