Ty Simpkins ‘Iron Man 3’ interview

Ty Simpkins, the 11-year-old fifth-grader who plays Harley Keener in Iron Man 3, is one young actor you’ll definitely want to watch.

Simpkins’ film credits in addition to the third installment of Iron Man include: Insidious, Revolutionary Road, War of the Worlds, and guess what? I had the opportunity to participate in a fun group interview with Ty Simpkins!

Iron Man 3 Ty Simpkins Interview

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Ty was such a bright and articulate young man. It is so clear just from speaking with Ty Simpkins for a few minutes that he is a star, and that he’s on the road to greatness in his career.

If you haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet (and I suggest you DO), you’re going to love his role in the film!

What’s your favorite aspect of Harley, your character in Iron Man 3?

I think my favorite aspect of my character is that I get to meet Tony Stark. I’m similar to him, Because I’m a genius in the movie, and he’s a genius in the movie.

Do you have a favorite hero?

Iron Man. It’s been my dream. I love the Marvel movies.

How does it feel to be working with Robert?

Oh, it’s awesome. Like, literally, Robert Downey Jr. is my favorite person.

What was your biggest challenge during filming?

One line kept getting annoying. I had to say retro-reflection panels, and it was really hard. And then once the day was over I knew how to say it. That happens a lot.

Iron Man 3 Premiere

Photo courtesy Disney

How did you get the part?

We got a call from my agent and I was really excited. I’m like, this is so cool. And then we went to the audition. It was really easy ’cause it was only a scene that was short.

Then we got a callback and I was like, cool, this is awesome.

So, we went to the call back. The director was there. We went through the scene, and that was a bit more difficult to learn because it was longer. It was a giant monologue, like a paragraph.

And then we hadn’t heard for an even longer time. And then our agent said that we got a chemistry read with Robert Downey Jr., and I was really excited for that. I was like, where is Robert Downey Jr.?

I couldn’t find him. There was a guy with a hat and glasses, and I just completely looked past him. Then the lady that was introducing me to everyone said and you know who this is. The guy took off the hat and the glasses, and it was Robert Downey Jr. I mean it was a disguise. I don’t know how I missed it!

Were you nervous when you met him?

He actually asked me that. And I said, no, I’m just really excited.

What’s your next project?

I just finished Insidious 2. That comes out in September. And I’m really excited for this movie called Conversations with Andy. It’s about a sixth grade kid who is like having a tough time in his family. They’re getting a divorce and stuff. And then he meets Andy Warhol. Andy helps him out, so, I’m really excited for that.

Iron Man 3 Ty Simpkins Interview

I really loved hearing Ty’s description of the process he went through to get the part of Harley in Iron Man 3. I also loved Ty’s genuine excitement about having the opportunity to work with Robert Downey Jr., it’s so clear that he’s a huge fan!

I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Ty Simpkins! Iron Man 3 is in theaters now, so be sure to get out to the theater to see it this week!

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