Using Q-Tips to clean HVAC vents

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With one child already diagnosed with allergies, and a second who is only 5-months-old, I have been taking extra steps to ensure there are as few allergens within my home as possible.

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I’m no clean freak (wish I was), but one thing I have been doing every few weeks in our home is cleaning the HVAC vents using a little natural cleaner and a handful of Q-Tips Cotton Swabs. This is a super simple task, but when you seen the amount of dirt and dust on the Q-Tips after you do it, you’ll know why it is such an important one.

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How to clean HVAC vents with Q-Tips Cotton Swabs

If I don’t have time to clean every vent in the house, I make sure to start with the ones in Evan and Kara’s rooms.

I grab 10-20 Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, and a bottle of my favorite natural cleaner. I like Method’s all-purpose cleaner. I hold the Q-Tips Cotton Swabs in a bundle in my hand, and spray one end of the Cotton Swabs with cleaner, leaving the other ends dry.

I also use this method for the vents for the window air conditioners we use during the summer in our upstairs, as well as the vents in the car. You will be amazed when you see just how much dirt and gunk show up on those Q-Tips Cotton Swabs!

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Using one Q-Tips Cotton Swab at a time, I use the wet end to carefully remove dirt the dirt and dust in each slot. I then go over the area with the dry side. I repeat this process until the vent appears clean, and I can’t pull up any more dirt on a clean Cotton Swab.

I love knowing that this simple process is helping cut down on some of those household allergens that plague my family!

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