Hoping for a VBAC: Vaginal birth after cesarean

When I was pregnant with Evan in 2009, the one phrase I continually uttered to my friends and family was, “I just don’t want to have a c-section!” I didn’t have goals loftier than a medicated, vaginal delivery in my local hospital, but, avoiding a major surgery was definitely the plan.

Breech presentation wasn’t in the plan, but from 20 weeks, through those final frantic moments of labor when they gave me an ultrasound to check his position one more time, my kid was butt-down. Staunchly, butt down.


While I had a cesarean scheduled, I went into labor two weeks before my due date. I was still hoping for a last minute flip, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I was soon whisked into an operating room, given some incredible drugs, and Evan was expertly removed from my body.

There really wasn’t a lot of emotional trauma at this point. I had already accepted that a c-section was inevitable, and besides, I had plenty of other things to worry about, like my own recovery, and caring for a newborn.

Having a c-section is hard, and healing can be slow, but overall I weathered mine well. I didn’t even fill my prescription for pain killers after coming home. I think I was running on adrenaline!

In the months and years following Evans birth, the idea of a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) was never in my mind. Why? Because I was informed by my OB that VBAC was not an option at my hospital. Period. No negotiating.

After deciding to switch OB’s during the middle of this pregnancy, I was informed by my new doctor that VBAC was certainly an option for me, and that the hospital we would be using is supportive of this. He also told me that if an emergency situation would arise due to any possible complications during labor, that there would be ER staff available to perform an immediate c-section.

When I walked out of my first appointment with my new OB, I felt like a major door had opened in front of me. Being able to even contemplate a vaginal delivery, for me, was huge. HUGE!

So, it appears that I am a great candidate for VBAC. Assuming this baby is head down, and everything else looks normal through the end of my pregnancy, I am totally giving this a shot.

I don’t have any hard feelings about needing a c-section the first time, and I will not be totally broken if I require one again. It is what it is, and in my case, it was the way it needed to happen.

I actually endured 15 hours of contractions, and was 6cm dilated before my doctors and hospital got around to doing a c-section for my breech baby (ahem…. I mentioned that I SWITCHED OB’S & HOSPITALS, right?) I have a little taste of what a normal labor feels like, but yeah, I’m still slightly terrified. Terrified, but also excited and hopeful that I can in fact get my VBAC. Stay tuned!


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