Waiting for spring

I don’t think I have ever loathed a winter more thoroughly than I have this one. I am not sure if it’s just because I am extra cooped-up since having Evan, or if this season has just really been that heinous. For the past two days the sky has been blue, and the sun has been shining.

Of course, it’s been shining on a blanket of snow that still covers our property, but it’s been shining nevertheless! Yesterday Evan and I pulled up some window and took a luxurious vitamin D bath. It felt so nice to soak up some rays. I’m pretty sure if it doesn’t warm up soon, my kid is going to turn into a vampire.

The photo above was taken last spring. I can remember that time so vividly, as I was pregnant, and finally moving out of the throw-up phase. It was so nice, but I fully demand that this spring and summer be even better!


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